Korean Man Pops Up At Parents House Unannounced With BLACK FIANCÉ, Parents REFUSED To Let Her In The Door [WATCH]

A popular interracial YouTube couple garnered a lot of attention after posting their failed impromptu meeting with one of their families back in September.

Justin, a Korean man living in Canada, found himself on the wrong side of his parents before, as they haven’t been too keen on the women he’s chosen to date. In the video, Justin describes the time his mother caught him at a train station with a woman he dated prior to his fiancé. His mother spotted them while driving past the station, pulled over, and started yelling at the couple.

Instead of engaging in the argument, Justin and his ex decided to leave, leading to his mother chasing them down in her car, as they cut through neighbors’ yards to get away from her.

Needless to say, that relationship ended and Justin began dating Sarah, a woman of mixed Asian and African heritage.

The two are now engaged and Justin says he’s tried to formally introduce his fiancé to his parents, but after his parents spotted them together before, they made it clear they did not approve of their son’s new love interest.

Justin says his family agreed to meet Sarah in the past, and would later change their minds.

This time, Justin decided to pull up on his folks with his fiancé in tow, but when his father spotted them in the garage, he wouldn’t even let them in the house.

Click HERE to watch the awkward encounter.

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