Takari Lee Christie: “Jackie Has BIGGER PEOPLE She Needs To Be WORRIED About Than Me Writing A Book, I Won’t Write About That, Tho”

Takari Lee Christie called in to dispel the lies she says her mother told during an interview. Immediately following Jackie Christie’s interview, Takari phoned in to the Breakfast Club morning show and shot down her mother’s claims:

On Doug and Jackie Christie leaving Takari $8 million in their will and Takari knowing about it:

Takari says she’s never had that conversation with Jackie, and says she’ll be shocked if her parents left her anything considering how strained their relationship is.

On Takari’s boyfriend and father of her children negatively influencing her to put out “lies” about Jackie:

Takari says she is the force behind her own book. She also mentioned that she heard Jackie say another person from her past was extorting her. Jackie stated this in her interview with Raq Rants host Raquel Harper. After I covered the interview in an article, Takari messaged me on Instagram, and I told her about the “extortionist” her mother talked about:

Takari also told The Breakfast Club she and her boyfriend have been together for 11 years, 5 years prior to Takari and Chantel Christie confronting Jackie on Basketball Wives LA on how she mistreated Takari.

On other people launching Takari’s GoFundMe page to raise money for her son’s injuries and spending the donation money on “weed and sneakers”:

Takari confirms she did not start the GoFundMe page, but her concerned relatives did. As far as spending the money on “weed and sneakers”, Takari says Jackie wouldn’t know what the money was spent on because they haven’t been in the same room together in 6 years.

On Jackie saying she talks to Takari regularly:

Takari says Jackie calls her every few months. She says she spoke to Jackie twice before her son’s accident and once a few months after the accident. When Jackie calls, she offers to send “some change” and sends the mother of 3 children $50-100 for birthday and Christmas gifts, saying “go get them something, ‘cause I don’t know what they like”.

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