Lamar Odom DENIES Overdosing On Cocaine At Nevada Brothel, Talks Getting HIGH BEFORE Filming “KUWTK” & The Kardashian Curse

Lamar says he’s no longer close to Rob Kardashian, Jr., who lived with Lamar during the duration of his marriage to Khloe; nor Kanye, who helped him regain his motor skills after coming out of a coma.

Recently Khloe admitted that she “fake tried” to get pregnant with Lamar. Lamar wanted more children, but Khloe felt Lamar wasn’t in a good place to father more children. Instead of telling him this, Khloe pretended to go along with trying to conceive. Lamar says hearing that on a recent episode of KUWTK hurt him, because she should’ve told him, not viewers.

Lamar also talked about Khloe’s new body and gave Scott Disick advice on how to overcome his rumored alcohol and drug addiction. Watch the interview on the next page.

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