Ciara’s Former BRIDESMAID Caught Sitting On Russell Wilson’s LAP On Set Of Nike Commercial [PICS]

Ciara’s bestie and makeup artist Yolanda Frederick was spotted sitting in Russell Wilson’s lap in screen grabs from Russell’s Facebook live video during a Nike commercial.

Ciara and Yolanda have been friends for years, serving as each other’s bridesmaids in their July weddings. When Yolanda married in Cancun in 2012, Ciara served as her maid of honor.

Ciara poses alongside Yolanda at the welcome dinner for Yolanda’s bachelorette party at the Hotel Barcelo Maya Beach Resort in July 2012.
4 years later, Yolanda serves as a bridesmaid at Ciara’s bachelorette party in July 2016.

Yolanda sits in front of Russell Wilson’s brother Harrison Wilson, IV at Ciara’s and Russell’s wedding.

Yolanda and Ciara are so close, that Yolanda often accompanies Ciara and Russell to the Seattle Children’s Hospital, as part of Russell’s “Blue Tuesday” weekly visit with pediatric cancer patients:

Yolanda and a very pregnant Ciara at the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The celebrity makeup artist, who also works for Jennifer Hudson, is also close to other Seattle Seahawks players and their wives, thanks to Ciara. Yolanda served as the makeup artist for the players during the recent shoot of their Nike commercial.

In Yolanda’s defense, Russell invited her to sit on his lap.

Speed to the 10:14 mark:

But are the threesome too close?

RussCi fans are fired up, saying under no circumstances should your friend be comfortable enough to sit in your husband’s lap, even in a joking way.

Others defended the middle aged MUA, saying she’s old enough to be Russell’s mom and has no interest in the millionaire quarterback.

What do you think?

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