UPGRADE!! Black Ink Crew’s Dutchess Moves On To NEW BOO NFL Player Zack Sanchez, BOTH Of Their EXES REACT!!

“[I] had this bitch around my family and all type of shit!!! I live in a bubble and this bitch[knew] everything I had going on… took care of her… made her look good at strip clubs cause she was blowing my bag not hers”, he continued.

“This the type of bitch you [don’t] trust I [don’t] give a fuck [whether] she on TV or not she still ain’t shit!!! The bitch was just at my mom’s house crying over me [because] I blocked her for 4 days. #StillTheHottestNiggaInTheCity #NoFeatures #NeverInMyFeelings #IexposeTheFAKE #BACKTOTHEBAG #NOLOVELOST”.

In addition to the pictures the guy posted, Dutchess was also spotted shopping with him back in late November, 2 months ago:

Dutchess’s costar and Black Ink’s resident thot, Donna says she approves of Zack:

Dutch better keep him far away from Black Ink.

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