Mendeecees’s MOM & SISTER Read His BM Samantha For FILTH, Says Sam Tried To EXTORT Yandy For Money!!

If you’re keeping up with the 7th season of Love & Hip Hop NY, you know that not much has changed between Mendeecees Harris’s babymama Samantha Wallace and her relationship with the Harris family. The main issue being Samantha no longer allowing her son Mendeecees Jr, also called Little Mendeecees, to see his siblings by Yandy Smith-Harris or visit his father as he serves an 8 year sentence in prison.

Samantha claims she wants to protect her son from the image of his father incarcerated, as it’s detrimental to Little Mendeecees’s well-being. She’s since gotten backlash from LHHNY fans and took to Instagram to once again defend herself:


Since then, both Mendeecees’s mother Judy Harris and his sister Nefetari Harris have spoken out, blasting Samantha as a hypocrite with a criminal history and a crackhead for a mother!

Judy says the crimes Mendeecees are currently imprisoned for are crimes he committed while he was still with Samantha and used that money to provide for Samantha and their son. Samantha was fine with the criminal lifestyle, even committing bank fraud, as long as Samantha continued to profit from it. Now that Samantha can no longer use Mendeecees for money, she’s cut off the Harris family from seeing Little Mendeecees:


Mendeecees sister, Nefetari went even further, saying Samantha attempted to extort Yandy for money, demanding $450 a week in exchange for visitations with Little Mendeecees. Yandy also gave Samantha $4,500 for a new car and even allowed Samantha’s “crackhead” mother Kim to stay in Yandy’s home. Read below:


On the next episode of LHHNY, Yandy sits down with Samantha’s mom Kim after finding out that Little Mendeecees was living with Kim, not his mother Samantha:


  1. I admire Yandy for steeping up and trying to keep the kids together, however Samantha in my opinion want money in exchange for visitation rights. Which is wrong because from what I watched Yandy and her husband was taking care of his son. He was living with them all of a sudden Erica is in the picture and all the drama. Yandy I would leave the baby mama drama and let your husband deal with his drama. It’s no longer your fight. Take care of your kids and stay strong.

  2. Hi yandy I love your show just leave those mothers it will not taking you no were let them leaves them life with their kids I know you try to be involved in the kids life but it is what it is at the end of the day let your husband deal with them when he released from jail be you with your two kids that give you let them be you have enough on your plates to be dealing with them worry about your husband to make sure for him to come to you strong and healthy give that energy to him right now please girl just keep praying and give it to god just ask him if he can change those judge mind and all the people who’s after so they can change the time they give to your husband if they can change it give him a lower time just concentrate on that my friend just let go of all baby mother off your shoulder it’s not worth it ok thank you

  3. I think that everyone knows Samantha is his mom regardless. No matter what anyone feels about it! I applaud Yandy for wanting to keep her children in the lives of their other siblings, sad to say it but it is up to the mothers of those children. It was easier when Mendecees wasn’t in Jail because he is the common denominator for all the kids, that’s not the case now. Sad as it is to say, Yandy may have to just drop this one continue to raise her own kids and wait for her husband to get out of jail to get the kids together!!! Kids are very smart and the oldest one will know what is really going on, if his mom is keeping him from his siblings he will realize that!!

  4. Im sorry to say but the only one really hurting is lil man…at the end of the day no matter what u say or allrgedly say about samanatha she is still his mom an he will love her regardless of any accusations true or false an yhats what is real…nobody she be talking bad wether its true or not an u just puuting the truth out …lil man can read and if he is like most boys will always love his mom for all her wrongs sorry to say but u all are wrong an samanatha knows that all u are doing is making him dislike yandy for calling his mom out he only grts one mom good or bad an unfortunately we dont get to choose true story

  5. I admire Yancy for being the type of wife and mother she is.I personally know of a situation like that myself. Yandy is between a rock and a hard place. In my opinion, Yandy needs to let Mendes know what his sons mother is doing. Then Yandy needs to have a long talk with herself. Pray about an make a decision. She is either going to continue to do what she has been doing or not.The ball is in her court. Let Mendee moma get him sometime. She has a right also.Use It.

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