Katt Williams Becomes the LATEST Comedian to DISS Kevin Hart, Kevin RESPONDS

Another day, another comedian disses Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart has quickly become the face of Black comedy after starring in films such as Think Like A Man, Ride Along, and The Wedding Ringer as well as shutting arenas down during his standup comedy tours. Because of this, Kevin has become the target of envy and malice from veteran comics who have yet to reach his level of success.

Mike Epps and TK Kirland are two of those comedians who have dissed Kevin Hart publicly, calling him “not funny” and “overrated”. Now, actor and fellow comedian Katt Williams has joined the list. During a standup show in Atlanta, Katt called Kevin Hart a “puppet” and compared him to Kermit the Frog, saying there’s someone with their hand up Kevin’s butt. While still speaking on Kevin, Katt also said unlike other male celebs, Katt has never had to engage in sexual acts with another man to get famous. Shots fired! Watch the clip of Katt dissing Kevin BELOW: 

Kevin attended the this year’s Oscar’s with his gorgeous fiancé Eniko Parrish this Sunday evening. After the award’s ceremony, Kevin took to Instagram to address Katt in a picture with Dave Chapelle and Oscar’s host, Chris Rock. In the picture’s caption, Kevin spoke on the lack of support amongst comedians. See Kevin’s response on the NEXT PAGE

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