Singer & Rapper’s Girlfriend Allegedly CAUGHT Snorting Cocaine At Miami Yacht Party [PICS]

G-Eazy has been on a high from the success of his hit “No Limit” featuring Cardi B. His girlfriend Halsey may be experiencing a “high” of her own after allegedly being caught snorting cocaine at a yacht party in Miami.


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See more pics HERE.

Although the 23 year old singer has reportedly glorified drug use in her songs, the recent overdose of rapper Lil Peep has ignited a conversation about the real affects of drug addiction among rappers and fans alike.

Former reality star and rapper Riff Raff recently tweeted that he’s no longer using cocaine because dealers are mixing it with fentanyl, the deadly drug that lead to the deaths of Lil Peep, Michael Jackson, and Prince. After Peep’s death, rapper Lil Uzi tweeted his desire to end his drug use.

Neither Halsey nor G-Eazy have yet to comment on the pictures of Halsey snorting on the yacht. Their fans, however, have a LOT to say, some even bringing up that time G-Eazy was recorded allegedly snorting drugs off a topless woman in Las Vegas:

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