“No, Offense Mr. Cosby, I Say N*gga, But No Chick Has Ever Woke Up With Her Draws Backwards ‘Cause I DRUGGED Her & F*CKED HER”: D.L. Hughley Discusses His INFAMOUS Interview With Bill Cosby That Got SNATCHED Off The Air

Comedian D.L. Hughley sat down with the hosts of Angela Yee’s Lip Service for a hilarious yet insightful interview on relationships, life as a comedian, and his craziest sexual experiences.

The 54 year old actor and comedian also discussed highlights of his career, including his infamous Bill Cosby interview that was snatched from a radio show and never aired. According to Hughley, Bill Cosby called in to do a radio interview for a show hosted by Hughley. Hughley says Cosby said in the past that he wasn’t a fan of Hughley’s method of comedy, particularly Hughley’s use of the n-word.

Cosby was obnoxious while talking to the other hosts, who included former BET Nightly News anchor Jacque Reid and Steve Wilson, during the entire phone interview, said Hughley. When Hughley finally chimed in, it resulted in a screaming match.

“So he’s doing this interview with Jackie and Steve, and he’s being such a dick”, says Hughley on Bill Cosby. “After 10 – 15, or 5- 10 minutes, I go ‘Mr. Cosby, what is it you’d like us to know?’ and he goes ‘who is this?!’

I go ‘D.L.’

[And Bill goes] ‘D.L. Hughley! You say nigger and you do this [and that]…’’, said Cosby, reportedly ranting about Hughley’s method of comedy that Cosby disapproved of.

“And I say ‘well, no offense, Mr. Cosby, I say nigga, but no chick has ever woke up with her drawers on backwards ‘cause I drugged her and fucked her’”.

“’You could’ve been my son’”, replied Cosby, stated Hughley, “and I say ‘I’m not your son – I’ve never disrespected the way you do comedy […] – and you just shit on my life because you have a certain purview, but you’ve done things that are morally repugnant’ or words like that”.

The two go back and forth before Cosby exclaims to Hughley that their interview won’t see the light of day. Minutes later, representatives from “Image Communications” enter the room and extract the audio from the interview to dispose it.

Hughley and the Lip Service hosts then discuss how Cosby developed a reputation as Mr. “Dope and Grope” for his alleged pattern of drugging and raping women years before he would ever be prosecuted for it.  Angela Yee admitted that, as a child, her mother told her stories about Bill Cosby and warned her to never be caught in a room alone with the actor.

Hughley also discussed his past relationships and comical sex experiences, like catching “crabs” from a woman who would later become an Evangelist, being trapped in a relationship with a 23 year old woman when he was 13, and the time he saved a girl from getting gang raped by his friends… which lead to him getting beat up.

Watch below (Bill Cosby segment begins at 1:02:50)

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