Ne-yo’s PREGNANT Wife Crystal Smith Placed On BED REST After Falling Down The Stairs With Toddler Son & Busting Her Head [VIDEO]

Ne-yo’s pregnant wife Crystal Smith has been placed on bed rest after falling down the stairs with their toddler son, SJ.

The star of The Platinum Life on E! announced on October 25 that the couple was welcoming their second child together. Ne-yo also has 2 children from a previous relationship with ex-fiancé and former Atlanta Exes star Monyetta Shaw.

Crystal admitted on The Platinum Life that her first pregnancy was especially difficult, due to fans blaming Crystal for Ne-yo ending his engagement with Monyetta.

To make matters worse, Ne-yo’s ex, Monyetta admitted on TV she could no longer reproduce as she and Ne-yo both decided as a couple to become sterile shortly before their son’s birth. After delivery, Monyetta got her fallopian tubes burned.

Ne-yo agreed to undergo a vasectomy as well, but before he could do so, the couple split. Ne-yo moved on to Crystal, who he would later marry and impregnate, and as they paraded their love on social media, fans rallied around a newly infertile Monyetta and bashed Crystal, bombarding her with death threats during her pregnancy.

This time around, Crystal hoped for a safe and healthy pregnancy, but a tumble down the stairs led her on bed rest.

Watch Crystal’s video below:

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