[WATCH] Auntie Fee’s Son Tavis Hunter BREAKS DOWN On Facebook Live After Her Death

59 year old internet cooking sensation, who went viral after making an entrée meal out of Ramen noodles, passed away after suffering a heart attack over the weekend.

TMZ initially posted Felicia “Auntie Fee” O’Dell died, then retracted the story when they learned she was on life support. TMZ claims they were prematurely sold the story of Fee’s death by Fee’s sister and nephew:

We were first told by Fee’s nephew Sosten Price and sister Ayesha that the 59-year-old died Tuesday after the medical emergency. However, we’ve now learned she’s on life support surrounded by family at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center after being rushed by ambulance.

Fellow internet star James Wright Chanel, famous for his hilarious review of Patti LaBelle’s pies, stated Fee was still alive and fighting for her life.

Fee’s son Tavis Hunter, who was also the cameraman behind her hit videos, later revealed that despite all of their efforts to save Fee, God decided to bring her home:

More of Auntie Fee’s son speaking on her death:

Fee’s son addressed her fans in a Facebook live video. He first played a Rick Ross song as a tribute to Fee, then told fans how he can’t find the strenght to pick up a camera again since his mom passed.



  1. Auntie Fee was 100% REAL. She was a beautiful, funny, real woman. She cussed alot in her videos but, if she didn’t she wouldn’t have been herself. Tavis i know what your going through when u loss a parent especially your Mom. Tavis i loved all your Mom’s video. I cooked my Turkey wings they way your Mom cooked hers. I quote her “falling of the motherfucking bone.” My family was eating them like it was no tomorrow. Tavis be strong, keep your head up & always do your best. Your Mom would’ve want you to. Auntie Fee R.I.P

  2. Travis,I had to send you a message. Today i just discovered your mom’s cooking videos . Once i watched one….the stuffin video i was hooked. I watch 4 more videos. Sady i came across her memorial video and my happy laughing mood changed to disbelief. I wanted to subscribe but was sadden to find out i was too late. I want to thank your mom and you as well formaking me laugh and giving me recipes that i will try. RIP AUNTIE FEE!

  3. I’m so sorry for Travis lost, may she rip. However what I don’t understand is how could her own family prematurely sold her story to the press? Why sell the story at all? Money can make you do some crazy things!

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