“The Pussycat Dolls WASN’T A Girl Group, It Was A PROSTITUTION RING”: Kaya Jones Talks How FORCED Sexual & Drug Abuse, & $500 Weekly Allowance Caused One Group Member To Committ SUICIDE

It’s ironic how she used a picture of John Travolta in her thread, as he’s previously been accused of sexual harassment by multiple men.

Robin Antin, who’s credited as the founder of the Pussycat Dolls, profited the earnings of the group along with the record label, says Jones, while the group’s actual performers were put on a strict weekly allowance. This isn’t the first time a successful girl group has called out their label and management for throwing them pennies while the label reels in major profits.

TLC, anyone?

Antin contributed to the unraveling of the girls’ self-esteem, says Jones:

On why she’s finally going public with this story:

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  1. Why do you think beyonce made it so big, she had help didn’t have to go through half the things I have heard about. Other don’t u sweat and how it works. Why do you think so many is so proud of Beyoncé without the help of her father god only knows where she would be and if most talent singer had that help we would be seeing so much more telanted people but the fact is the fact, she is not the first artist to come out and say this and shoe won’t be the last.

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