Motivational Speaker Goes On RANT Against BEYONCÉ For Leaving Her Dad BROKE: “She Cut Off Her Dad For Cheating On Her Mom, BUT She STAYED With Her OWN CHEATING HUSBAND”

Though the two somewhat rekindled their strained relationship, Beyoncé allegedly cut financial ties with her father Mathew Knowles, the man credited with launching her career. In 1992, Mathew left a corporate career selling medical equipment to manage Beyoncé and a group of girls who would later become Destiny’s Child.

His decision to focus professionally on Beyoncé caused financial and emotional strain on his family, who had to move out of their suburban home during the early years of Beyoncè’s career. He would eventually turn Beyoncé into the multimillionaire superstar that she is today.

Rumors of Mathew’s infildelity plagued his relationship with then-wife Tina Knowles and the news of him fathering two children with two different women led to the end of his marriage to Tina. One of the women he fathered a child with was reportedly a friend of his daughter, Solange.

Tina has since remarried, exchanging vows to actor Richard Lawson in a lavish yacht ceremony in front of family and friends.

Neither Beyoncé nor Solange reportedly showed up to their father’s wedding ceremony to his second wife, Gena Avery.

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