Dez Bryant On Colin Kaepernick: “I Care About Black People Too, BUT I Got A Family To Feed”

Dallas Cowboys player Dez Bryant echoed the sentiments of Jermichael Finley on Twitter when asked about players like Colin Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch using their platform to stand against racism.

Finley called Kaepernick and Lynch selfish attention-seekers for protesting racism during NFL games, adding that it was time for Kap to cut his afro off.

When asked about using his platform to stand up or even speak against racism, Bryant says “I care about Black people, but I have a family to feed”, and considering what happened to Kaepernick, “it’s the wrong place and time to be talking about that”. For Bryant, having a voice isn’t worth losing a check:

And of course, social media had a lot to say…

Before you lash out at Bryant, keep your eye on the other Black and ethic minority athletes who are noticeably quiet about the current racial climate. Silence is compliance.

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