WWE & Total Divas Star Ariane “Cameron” Andrew Doesn’t Date Black Men, Says White Guys Make Cute Babies

The comment came after Ariane was spotted by TMZ cameras and asked her thoughts on WWE veteran Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson running for President in the year 2020. Then, the camera man asked a random question on if Ariane liked White guys.

“I love White guys”, Ariane responded. “I actually don’t date Black guys”.

“I just have a thing for White boys. A little vanilla and a little chocolaté, they make cute babies.”

After being called every type of a self-hating racist, Ariane spoke to TMZ again to clarify she’s not racist, White boys are just a preference.

Watch below:

Actor Marlon Wayans gave his two cents on Ariane, saying she probably doesn’t date Black guys because she can’t handle a real mandingo.

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