The TEA on “Basketball Wives” Newest Scammer: Saniyyah Dodson

Via Rashidah Ali:

“So I want to share some things with you all in a few brief IG post. You all saw that the past couple of days I welcomed @saniyyah into my home. She slept there, I made breakfast, bought lunch and made dinner. I allowed her to be serviced by my makeup artist for free, she ate, drank, and was chauffeured the whole weekend without having to spend the whole $26 dollars she came off the train with from Philly. One of the days we were out, she was approached by (An Ex of Mine) I wasn’t privy to the exchange of phone numbers because I was talking to other people. Long story short, the next morning she asked me about him and I informed her that he was someone I use to date and expressed some of the situations we had been through. I informed her that he SPECIFICALLY TARGETS MY FRIENDS & ASSOCIATES OF MINE and that he had also slept with two of my other “friends” that he made friends with while they were actually out with me.

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