#DeleteUber: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick DRAGGED On Twitter For Joining Trump Administration, SNITCHES On Pepsi & DISNEY CEOs As Part Of Trump’s Team, Too!!

#DeleteUber became the #1 trending topic on Twitter this week after Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick’s tweet on Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban”.

Travis Kalanick is a member of President Donald Trump’s advisory team, serving as an economic advisor for the Trump Administration. Unlike the other CEOs serving the Trump Administration, Kalanick has publicly supported Trump, but this week, his support cost him thousands.

In what’s being called the “Muslim Ban”, Trump signed an executive order banning immigration between the U.S. and Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – seven predominantly Muslim countries in his war on the Islamic state. These countries are also the seven countries not part of the Rothschild’s family IMF global money cooperation. 189 countries are controlled by this bank, which brings to question if this war is less about preventing terrorism and more about control over those countries and their monies.

The NYC Taxi Union protested Trump’s executive order by refusing to pick up passengers from NYC’s hectic John F. Kennedy International Airport for one hour on Sunday:

As a response to the taxi protest, Uber NYC tweeted they’d suspend their surge pricing, lowering their fares to attract customers affected by the anti-Trump protest, undermining NYC taxis’ efforts. Their plans of winning over customers backfired, as many customers tweeted that though the taxi strike was inconvenient, it was for a great cause. Customers also promised to boycott Uber and delete the app from their phones:

Lyft, a tansportation company similar to Uber, tried to ride the wave and posted that they’d donate to the American Civil Liberties Union and their efforts to overturn Trump’s Muslim ban. The NYC Taxis wasn’t having it:

Kalanick also posted on his social media accounts that Uber will compensate its employees who are victims of Trump’s immigration ban. Immigrants from the seven Muslim countries banned who were granted visas are also banned from traveling back and forth to the U.S. Even legal citizens who were living and working in the U.S., but overseas at the time of Trump’s ban, are not allowed back into the U.S. for at least 90 days.

Though Uber would compensate those “dozen or so employees” who are stuck overseas, Kalanick reportedly stated he “would talk to Trump” about those employees on Friday. Because the tone of his tweet didn’t condemn Trump’s ban versus “working around” the ban, the number of customers boycotting the shuttle service and deleting the Uber app from their phones grew to the thousands.

Kalanick responded to the backlash from customers by outing other CEOs who serve as members of the Trump Administration’s council. These include the CEOs of Disney, Pepsi, and GE:

“We partner around the world optimistically in the belief that by speaking up and engaging we can make a difference. Our experience is that not doing so shortchanges cities and the people who live in them. This is why I agreed in early December to join President Trump’s economic advisory group along with Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla), Mary Barra (Chairwoman/CEO of General Motors), Indra Nooyi (Chairwoman/CEO of Pepsi), Ginni Rometty (Chairwoman/CEO of IBM), Bob Iger (Chairman/CEO of Disney), Jack Welch (former Chairman of GE) and a dozen other business leaders.

I understand that many people internally and externally may not agree with that decision, and that’s OK. It’s the magic of living in America that people are free to disagree. But whatever your view please know that I’ve always believed in principled confrontation and just change; and have never shied away (maybe to my detriment) from fighting for what’s right.



Though he tried to drag other companies under the bus, this open letter posted to Uber’s website resulted in even more backlash for Kalanick, now labelled a snitch:

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