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  1. It’s said how a man dnt take care of they kids and leaves mothers to it all cause they all fuck up in the head about shit they tryin to do and very sad when another woman try join in on shit really a step dnt caught u do wat u choose to do.but y get mad and say shit when u barely no wat the fuck goes on.stop hating on the other if they doin better then u we all live differently get your own shit together and stop worrying bout wat goes on in another house.do u .tip and tiny relationship marriage dnt hav shit to do with u step mom it’s seem like jealousy statement to me these days kids got they own way of seeing shit and this man daughter as grown the fuck up and she has her own ways of seeing how things are in her and her daddy relationship you dnt have shit to do about was u there where her daddy any tiny was fucking No shut the fuck then. Get your azz a life of your own.cause it seems like you dnt have one if u speaking on someone else’s.and all this shit u saying bout tiny she can be ugly cute fuck up watever she r got put her Wat the hell u gotta say but with all that you saying bout her she beautiful cause she have that heart you can’t repair to. Go on

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