EVICTED!! T.I. Served EVICTION NOTICE For Restaurant Scales 925 For OWING $1 MILLION, PLUS T.I. Has A History Of Being CHEAP!!

“During Plaintiffs’ employment with Scales, they would routinely work more than 40 hours per week. Although Plaintiffs would routinely work more than 40 hours per week, they were not paid overtime. Plaintiffs complained to Scales about not being paid overtime; however, Scales would simply ignore their complaints.”

The suit makes a number of other claims regarding pay:

“Scales would also take money out of Plaintiffs’ paycheck claiming the money was used to pay the busboys. However, the busboys told Plaintiffs they didn’t receive any money in their checks from Plaintiffs’ wages…Scales would also require Plaintiffs to pay $4.00 out of their paycheck for broken glasses even if no glasses were broken.”

The plaintiffs seek back pay in varying amounts. The suit states that “Harris and Hughes have the following joint authority at the restaurant: (1) the power to determine the pay rates or the methods of payment of the employees; and (2) the right, directly or indirectly, to hire, fire, or modify the employment conditions of the workers.”

The lawsuit also claimed T.I. and Hughes failed to pay state taxes to the Georgia Department of Revenue. Failing to pay state taxes is what got Gladys Knight’s chain of restaurants temporarily shut down and her son, Shanga Hankerson arrested.

The 12 former employees have since walked off the job at Scales 925 and were not given their final paychecks. When they went to the restaurant to retrieve them, the employees were threatened with police.

T.I. reportedly took to Instagram to throw Hughes under the bus, saying going into business with Hughes was “a huge mistake”:

“He is NOT associated with me or my company in any capacity. We have NO dealings or partnerships outside of my restaurant . . . which was a HUGE mistake in hindsight,” said the caption. The image was later deleted.

Social media pages from the resturant say Scales 925 is now under new management and now hiring. I bet they are!

A few weeks ago, T.I. got blasted again for being a stiff payer, this time by his stepdaughter’s stepmother. The stepmom says T.I. is so cheap, he wouldn’t even pay for Tiny’s food at Scales 925 and blasted T.I. for cheating with a well-known prostitute in Atlanta. See more on NEXT PAGE.

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